Who we are and what we do

Datris' skilled team develop solutions for real world problems using advanced digital technology

We work in the areas of Cloud Technologies, Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Data Visualisation.

Turning data into knowledge to enable better informed decisions is one of our primary goals. Through the use of innovative visualisation techniques we provide a view on the data that is intuitive and flexible because we understand that data is only the start of the journey, but the information and insight that it can provide is the destination.

Agility is central to the ethos of Datris and we apply the principles of the Agile Development Methodology and Continuous Improvement Principles to all that we do. More than this, we genuinely enjoy and enthuse about what we do, every day!


About Us

The membership management web application you've been waiting for

We are currently developing a community engaging web application for non-profit organisations. We have designed the web application with the features to help clubs, associations and charities plan, manage, communicate and implement community engagement.


We strive to deliver best in class service to all our clients

Elegant Design

From the quality of our software code, to the clean intuitive user interface and user experience, we craft our solutions with care and attention to detail.

Carefully Handcrafted

Software craftsmanship is the beginning of the story, our team of highly experienced software architects, software engineers, data analysts and user interface & experience specialists have over a century of combined experience, take pride in what they do and enjoy how they do it.

Design Formula

Using the Agile principles and manifesto we always deliver. Through multiple iterations we refine the solution to match the customers needs. Our Architectural principles are guided by TOGAF and sector leading techniques.


As the Agile Manifesto states, we believe in individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following a plan. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, with open and honest communications key to becoming their agile delivery partners.

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We are a group of skilled individuals, coming from a range of backgrounds, with a single goal of delivering software and business transforming solutions of the highest quality.

Dave Taylor CEng BEng PMP

Co-Founder & Director

David started his career on the shop floor of BAe as a 16 year old apprentice. After obtaining a 1st class degree he developed his career as software and progressed through the ranks to Engineering manager at General Dynamics where he gained experience in tactical communications and intelligence. Seeking a new challenge and being intrigued by the growing power of machine learning algorithms, he was recruited and headed up a team to develop a FinTech application based on Big data, Machine learning, Natural language processing and visualisation technology, which then lead him to form Datris with his business partner Jeremy North.

Jeremy North MEng

Co-Founder & Director

Jeremy's career in computing started after joining a small computer systems supplier where his desire to understand more about the new technology was kindled. Returning to education, he graduated from a five year M.Eng. degree in Software Engineering from Aberystwyth University in 1997. Since then Jeremy has worked with geo-spatial data; artificial intelligence systems; large scale datasets and real-time telecommunications systems all whilst providing technical leadership for globally distributed teams and coordinating delivery of multiple complex software components. The rapidly developing Big Data landscape, combined with new found knowledge of natural language processing techniques, combined to present the opportunity to launch Datris Limited with David in 2015.

Dafydd Davies

Commercial Director

Dafydd is a passionate believer in the power of insight and intelligence as a platform to drive business innovation, growth and improved efficiency and yet we are in an era of accelerating data overload. Few businesses have the strategic capability and vision to source and harness data for competitive advantage which is how Dafydd first came to know the founding directors of Datris and its advanced data mining and visualisation platforms. Dafydd's strategic innovation experience ensures that the Datris big data solutions are designed to deliver significant value to clients.

  • Ingenious thinking producing a creative solution with superb results.

    - Mauro Caresimo

    Director, Caresiweb Ltd.


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